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Sonic Icons


o1 x Amy Rose
o1 x Prince Elias
o1 x Lupe
o1 x Mina Mongoose
o1 x Monkey Khan
o1 x Geoffery St. John
o1 x Tikal
o1 x Eggman
o1 x Shadow/Sonic
o2 x Sonic/Tails
o7 x Sonic/Sally
o8 x Sally Acorn
11 x Misc. Group
13 x Sonic the Hedgehog

The rest Here @ gottajuice!
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Hey, everyone! Long time no icons from me, huh? XD How's a batch of 60, then? :D

- 01 x Amy
- 04 x Metal Sonic
- 08 x Shadow
- 20 x Sonic
- 19 x Tails
- 06 x Sonic & Tails
- 01 x Amy, Sonic, & Tails
- 01 x misc.

Please credit! Comments are much ♥'d. :D

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