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Sonic Team Icons

The #1 Place for Sonic & Friends iconage at your fingertips!

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Sonic the Hedgehog & Sonic Team icons for your LiveJournal
Welcome to the first LiveJournal community for finding Sonic Team related icons for your LJ!

■ Icons, and anything else posted to this community, MUST in
some way be Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic Team related.

■ Feel free to post other LJ-related graphics and coding. Examples
include mood themes, banners, journal layouts and profile layouts.

■ If you are to post a cluster of icons, a big image, and/or if any of
your icons contain spoilers, please use a LJ cut. You can learn how to
do that here.

■ If you use icons from anyone who wants/requires you to give them credit,
please make sure that you do. You can do this by putting the creator's
username in either the icon's keywords or comments.

■ No bashing other people's icons. This includes destructive criticism.
I can tell the difference. First offense is being let off with a warning.
Second offense is being banned from the community.

■ Icon requests are allowed.

Have fun everyone! ^_^


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